Cap and Trade

Executive Order Signed to Protect California Communities from Wildfires

The order will double the land area actively managed through vegetation thinning, controlled fires, and reforestation from 250,000 acres to 500,000 acres.

Examples of the $1.2 billion in investments to date include electric transit buses and charging stations in the San Joaquin Valley.

California State Leaders File Legislation to Extend Cap-and-Trade Program

"The Legislature is taking action to curb climate change and protect vulnerable communities from industrial poisons," said Gov. Jerry Brown.

A group of researchers from the University of Arizona has discovered that the Earth’s crust under Iceland rebounds as the island’s ice caps melt as a result of global warming.

Iceland Rising from Glacier Melt

A group of researchers from the University of Arizona has discovered that the Earth’s crust under Iceland rebounds as the island’s ice caps melt as a result of global warming.

GHG Verification Instrument Finds Some Fudging in Countries Reported Emissions

The sobering study fount that Western Europe emits about twice as much HFC-23 as officially reported.

RGGI Auction Yields Maine $769k to Invest in Energy-Efficiency, Renewable Energy

Maine yielded $769,092 of the $25.5 million in investment created by the proceeds from the 10-state cap-and-trade collaborative’s 12th auction of carbon credits. That money will be managed by the Efficiency Maine Trust to fund programs to improve energy efficiency, accelerate the deployment of renewable energy technologies, and provide direct assistance to energy consumers.

Pair of Kenyan Carbon Forestry Projects Are First to Reach CCB Standards

Two carbon forestry projects have reached verification status against the climate, community and biodiversity (CCB) standards, meaning that the projects have been implemented using best practices for community engagement and have generated benefits for local communities and biodiversity as well as for the climate.

Voluntary Carbon Markets Surge to Record Year on Corporate Buying and Forestry

The voluntary carbon market shrugged off policy failures and the closure of the Chicago Climate Exchange in 2010 to post a 34 percent surge in volume to a record 131 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2e) worth at least $424 million, according to a new report.

RGGI CO2 Auction Yields $83M for Energy, Job Investments

Member states are investing proceeds from the RGGI auctions, now more than $860.9 million, in programs to save energy consumers money, create jobs and make businesses more competitive.

Survey of EUEC Attendees Finds More than Half Are Not Measuring Carbon

Enviance commissioned a survey of 143 energy and utility professionals at EUEC 2011 to determine the industry's progress toward compliance with new regulations.

WRI Analysis: Go-Getter Approach Could Help U.S. Meet Climate Goals

The World Resources Institute analysis claims that existing authorities could gear up to meet the Obama Administration’s emissions reduction target “in the range of” 17 percent below 2005 levels by 2020.

CEI Lawsuit Seeks Climate Science Data Disclosure from NASA

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has made three Freedom of Information Act requests to which, it says, NASA has not responded.

WWF: Investment in Clean Energy Projects Abroad Will Create U.S. Jobs

Group's climate director says Congress needs to put a price on carbon pollution and develop an international clean tech program.

Regional Climate Initiatives Share Cap and Trade Know-How

RGGI, the Accord, and WCI outline their vision of key design and implementation criteria necessary to establish a high-quality offset program.

ABCE: 6,000 Companies Demand Leadership on Climate-Energy Bills

American Businesses for Clean Energy and We Can Lead claim that the numbers for pro-climate change legislative action are significant.

Analysis: Carbon Pricing in CLEAR Bill Will Generate U.S. Jobs

Incentives in this Senate bill will encourage businesses to invest in energy saving measures and bring jobs to construction and manufacturing, according to the Institute for Policy Integrity at New York University School of Law.

EPA: CAA Permitting for Greenhouse Gases Will Be Phased In

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reiterated that stationary sources will not have to comply with greenhouse gas requirements until 2011.

Oil, Natural Gas Sectors May Have to Report GHG Emissions

EPA is proposing that more industrial sectors should report their greenhouse gas emissions in 2012.

First RGGI 2010 Auction Yields $87.9M for Member States

Carbon allowances for 2009-2011 sold at $2.07 while future control period allowances sold at $1.86.

Senate Bill Seeks to Halt EPA Action on Greenhouse Gases

Bill sponsor Sen. Jay Rockefeller says two-year suspension will protect jobs and the coal industry.