EPA Launches Two Online Tools on Environmental Compliance

EPA Launches Two Online Tools on Environmental Compliance

The public can access information about local facilities’ environmental compliance.

Two new online tools from the EPA can give users a look at environmental compliance in their communities.

In October, the EPA announced the launch of these programs, which can “empower the public to help EPA assure compliance nationwide and protect public health and the environment,” according to an EPA news release.

One of the two new online tools is the EPA's Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO). This program will give community members the opportunity to search for facilities in their area and read about their environmental compliance history.

The program also uses Environmental Justice (EJ) metrics. Therefore, users can “search for facilities in areas with possible EJ concerns, investigate pollution sources in areas with possible EJ concerns, examine and create EJ enforcement-related maps and analyze trends in compliance & enforcement EJ data,” according to the news release.

The second online tool is the Benzene Fenceline Monitoring Dashboard. On this program, users can view the concentration of benzene in petroleum refineries.

Interested in trying the programs? A tutorial for ECHO can be found here and a tutorial for the benzene fenceline monitoring dashboard can be found here.

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