Should Your Business Hire an Energy Consultant?

Energy consultants can help you make sustainable, eco-friendly decisions for your company. Here's what you should consider when hiring an energy consultant for your business.

Taking charge of your energy use as a business or corporation is a daunting task. You have to adhere to government regulations and focus on your other responsibilities, all while trying to work within a budget. Instead of juggling these tasks, an energy consultant specializes in optimizing your workplace to have the most efficiency possible. That way, your business becomes more environmentally-friendly while saving money.

If you’re considering hiring an energy consultant, here’s what they can bring to your company.

1. Resources and Knowledge

When looking for an energy consultant, you will want one who has experience, resources and skills. They are the professionals when it comes to energy—the individual or firm that you work with will bring with them the best resources to optimize your consumption, output and efficiency.

Whether you want a complete consultation or to focus on more specific aspects of your business such as lighting, HVAC systems or machinery, you can work with an energy consultant to complete it all.

Working with someone who has several years of experience will bring more connections, too. They know the best resources to invest in that will pay off in the long-run—financially and environmentally.

2. Tech Integrations

There is an overwhelming amount of technology out there, and weeding through it all can be an exhausting and expensive process. Many systems and devices claim to save money and have better energy-efficiency; however, an energy consultant will help you be sure you're working with the right materials.

For instance, LED light bulbs will cost $30 for 25,000 hours of lighting. Incandescent bulbs, on the other hand, only last for around 750 hours, costing more in the long run. This example is a common one, but others are more subtle. Energy consultants will be able to find you the right devices to implement in every part of your business.

3. Common Goals

As you work with your energy consultant, you will notice that you share two common goals. The first is the environment—you both want to help your business become eco-friendlier and more sustainable. The second is saving you money. The more advice you take from them, the more energy and money they help you save.

What many people do not realize is that these two are not mutually exclusive. More often than not, reshaping your business to be more eco-conscious will, by default, save you money and resources in the short and long term.

Sharing these common goals creates a healthy dynamic between your business and the consultant. They should be upfront about costs and plans; with a clear partnership, both parties benefit. You support their business practice while they help you with an eco-friendly financial plan for the future.

4. Money-Savings

One of the main purposes of hiring an energy consultant is to save money. With their assistance, you can do so while helping the environment. Hiring an energy consultant is also a wise idea if your energy bills are difficult to handle, you want to expand your space, you want to explore non-coal or oil options for energy products or more.

Regardless, businesses can save big with consultants. Keep in mind that the main monetary benefit of consultants is the return on investment (ROI). If upfront costs intimidate you, compare them to the prices you will be saving over the next several years with the help of your energy consultant.

What Should You Look For?

Once you decide that you want to hire an energy consultant, there are factors you should look for. Compare firms and services and see who can ensure the following essentials:

  • An excellent track record: The best energy consultants will have stellar reviews and proof to show how successful their plans can be.
  • Clarity and directness: Your consultant should be upfront and direct about their fees and all costs.
  • The right licenses: If your consultant has all the certifications and licenses they need to verify them as a top professional, you are set to partner with them.
  • A robust skillset: Each energy consultant you work with should be able to meet your specific needs. They should have a list of expert skills that they can customize to your needs.

The Right Fit

As you find the right consultant to work with, consider your own needs and resources. What can your company afford? How can you change your sustainability objectives in the near future and the long run? Focus on finding the right fit and balance as you work with your energy consultant.

About the Author

Emily Folk covers topics in sustainability, conservation and green technology. You can read more of her work on her blog, Conservation Folks.

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