Rhode Island Works to Improve Water Quality

The EPA and two Rhode Island towns have recently signed consent orders to help clean water and improve the environmental conditions in nearby areas.

Two towns, Johnston and North Providence, located in Rhode Island are working with the EPA to help improve the water quality and the conditions of the environment for their residents. Through this work, the towns will be able to rid the areas of sewage that is currently overflowing from their collection systems.


The progress of the water quality will be reported to the EPA and RI Dept. of Environmental Management (RIDEM) in annual reports.


"In Rhode Island and across New England, EPA is committed to working with our state partners and local communities to improve water quality and ensure that our communities can enjoy a healthy environment," said Curt Spalding, regional administrator of EPA's New England Office. "A clean and healthy environment is the basis for vibrant communities and a strong economy, and it's worth our collective efforts to protect that."


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