Grants Offered in Maine for Water Quality Improvements

The Department of Environmental Protection in Maine is offering grants to projects that will benefit water quality, improve wildlife habitats, and improves public safety as well as provisions for climate resiliency.

Beginning this week, eligible parties may apply for grants from the Maine DEP. Proposed projects should address improvements to existing culverts and/or stream crossings. The DEP also says the projects should meet these criteria: benefits water quality; improves habitat for wildlife, fish and other aquatic life (such as through the replacement of blocked or poorly sized culverts or stream crossings); improves public safety by reducing risk of infrastructure failure (such as culvert washouts); and includes provisions for climate resiliency (such as flood protection, prevention and control at the project site and downstream).

Up to 8 percent of the grant money can be used for engineering services and cover design that is directly needed for the infrastructure projects. Individuals, businesses, townships, counties, municipalities, nonprofit organizations, and conservation districts are eligible recipients of the grants, and are encouraged to apply.

For more information, please visit the Maine DEP’s website.

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