Upcoming Water Quality Improvements for Iowa

The USDA has provided funding to Iowa in order to improve its wastewater facilities.

Through the USDA’s Water and Environmental program, Iowa has received $25 million in funding for wastewater improvements. The loan marks the largest in the program’s history.

"The recent flooding in Iowa and other parts of the country has demonstrated just how important high-functioning wastewater systems are to our communities. Sanitary waste disposal systems and safe drinking water are vital not only to public health, but also to the economic vitality of rural America," Vilsack said. "Building and maintaining water infrastructure creates jobs, boosts the economy, provides rural families with safe and reliable water, and this particular investment will help to minimize the impact of future flooding on homes and businesses in southeast Iowa."

The plan is to provide treatment upgrades such as new grit removal systems and pumps, new trash screens, and installing an enlarged flow equalization basin.