Using Videos to Inform Kids on Water Conservation

Save Our Water – California’s official conservation education program – has created a series of educational videos about water conservation to help keep kids informed on the current drought, and to also show them ways to conserve water themselves.

The Save Our Water program of California has produced a series of three minute videos that will air on PBS stations across the state to help keep Californians, especially kids, informed during the drought. The videos will feature ways to save water indoors and how to also conserve water for outdoor gardens and plants.

“It is important that programs like Save Our Water reach out to younger audiences,” said Jennifer Persike, deputy executive director of external affairs and member services for ACWA. “Curiosity Quest was an ideal partner for Save Our Water to help educate children on what they can do around the house to conserve.”

Save Our Water will also be producing a public service announcement with the “Splash Brothers”, NBA MVP Stephen Curry and All-Star guard Klay Thompson of the NBA Champion Warriors.