Haze Closes Singapore Education Ministry Schools

The Sept. 25 forecast was for "Very Unhealthy" air quality, possibly "Hazardous," so the ministry closed kindergartens and primary, secondary, and special education schools for the day.

After the National Environment Agency forecasted that air quality in Singapore on Sept. 25 would be in the "Very Unhealthy" range, and possibly going into the "Hazardous" range, the country's Ministry of Education, in consultation with the Ministry of Health, decided to close all primary and secondary schools for the day. Kindergartens and special education schools also are closed.

Parents who were unable to make alternative care arrangements could send their children to MOE Kindergartens, primary, secondary, and special education schools, and teachers would supervise them, according to the ministry's announcement, which said national examinations were rescheduled.

Junior colleges and Post-Secondary Education Institutes, namely the Autonomous Universities, Polytechnics and ITE, remained open.