Louisville Unveils All-Electric Buses for Public Transportation

Earlier this week, Louisville began ZeroBus service, an all-electric, zero emissions fleet of buses that will be providing free rides downtown. The new buses have replaced diesel-powered trolleys.

The Transit Authority of River City (TARC) unveiled ZeroBus service, their new fleet of all-electric, zero emissions buses this week in a ceremony led by Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer. The new buses have replaced trolleys that were powered by diesel fuel, and the vehicles will be giving free rides to the public in downtown Louisville.

“Louisville is the first city in this part of the country to have a fleet of all-electric buses in operation, putting us at the leading edge of high-technology, cleaner, greener transportation,” said J. Barry Barker, TARC executive director said. “We encourage everyone to hop on a ZeroBus and stop along the way for some of the best Louisville has to offer in restaurants, museums and entertainment.”

The entire fleet, an $11 million investment for the city, consists of 10 buses and two charging stations. A ZeroBus recharges in only a few minutes while passengers load and unload at a charging stop.

“The Federal Transit Administration congratulates TARC on the launch of its new ZeroBus fleet,” said Therese McMillan, Acting Administrator of the FTA, which contributed $8.7 million in federal funding for the new buses. “Barry Barker and his team continually seek creative opportunities to serve the people of Louisville.  Putting these zero emission buses on the street will connect residents with jobs, education, and other opportunities, while improving air quality and offering 21st century transportation options to the region’s growing population for years to come.”

Each ZeroBus will save TARC an approximate $10,000 in fuel costs and thousands more in operating costs each year.