South Sacramento to Build First Zero-Net Energy Apartments from Mutual Housing Grant

Enterprise Community Partners gives a $40,000 grant to Mutual Housing CA for green transit-oriented development with first rooftop farm in area.

Mutual Housing California has received $40,000 from Columbia, Md.-based nonprofit Enterprise Community Partners, Inc., formerly Enterprise Foundation. The funds will be used to start the design and development process for a 7-acre, transit-oriented community on Stockton Boulevard that staff hope will have the first rooftop farm in the area.

The farm is intended to create employment opportunities for the residents. The development also will be the first zero-net energy apartment complex in South Sacramento.  The mixed-use center will have commercial office space, an organic community garden and a computer learning center.

“We are proud to seed the complete and 'dark green’ community that Mutual Housing is innovating,” said Heather Hood, director of programs, Enterprise Community Partners. “A development like this exemplifies the kind of vision it takes to make a housing project grow into being a hub for a whole community's life.”

The Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) transportation plan for the Stockton Boulevard corridor includes a new, long distance rapid transit line that will run from downtown Sacramento to Elk Grove.

Local studies by SACOG show that residents of low-income neighborhoods use public transit twice as much as households in wealthier areas. Residents in economically-challenged neighborhoods also tend to walk and bicycle 50 percent more, according to SACOG data.

Because the 120-apartment development is near a bike trail, the development will have a resident-run bike repair facility and a bike purchase and sharing program. 

“Our vision is to be as green as possible while creating as many job opportunities and work experience for the residents as possible,” said Rachel Iskow, chief executive officer of Mutual Housing California. “This development has those components and more.”

Because the Stockton Boulevard development is near Mutual Housing at Lemon Hill, residents there will be able to take advantage of job opportunities at the on-site computer lab, rooftop farm and bicycle program. Mutual Housing is developing the community plan in conjunction with SACOG, Sacramento County and Sacramento Regional Transit.

Because the property is in the pre-development stage, there is no ground-breaking date set yet.

Founded in 1988, Mutual Housing California develops, operates and advocates for sustainable rental housing for the diversity of the region’s households.

A member of NeighborWorks America—a congressionally chartered nonprofit organization that supports community development nationwide—Mutual Housing has more than 3,000 residents, nearly half of whom are children.

Through its focus on leadership, the nonprofit provides training and mentoring as well as educational programs, community-building activities, and services for residents and neighbors.

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