New Jersey Wastewater Systems Getting an Overhaul

After Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey last year, wastewater collection and treatment systems are still in need of repair. It was announced earlier this week that Nassau County Department of Public Works selected a joint venture to help stabilize, design, and rebuild those wastewater systems.

The Nassau County Department of Public Works in New Jersey has begun a joint venture with ARCADIS to design and rebuild wastewater collection and treatment systems that are still in great disrepair after last year’s Hurricane Sandy destroyed those facilities.

Under contract, ARCADIS will consult, design, and complete construction of the new systems to not only be able to conduct services presently needed, but also to help minimize the effects of a future hurricane. Five wastewater treatment plants and more than 30 pumps stations are include in the contract within the Nassau Wastewater system.  ARCADIS plans to include extreme weather hardening that should help the new systems withstand another natural disaster event with a 500-year return period.

The project has been estimated to cost approximately $30 million in cleanup operation costs, but should take no longer than three years to reach completion.