Electric Motorcycle Unveiled to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of The Great Escape

In 1963, The Great Escape was a movie that starred Steve McQueen and featured the iconic motorcycle jump. For its fiftieth anniversary, McQueen Motorcycle will unveil an electric motorcycle to commemorate the movie and to promote a cleaner future.

On July 4, McQueen Motorcycle’s Electric Power Motor Machine will drive the historic jump in clean energy transportation for the film’s fiftieth anniversary. The electric motorcycle exemplifies the spirit of the POW’s that escaped and took a chance at freedom and McQueen Motorcycle offers a new course for transportation with renewable and sustainable transportation.

During WWII, The Great Escape was conducted by 77 prisoners in Stalag Luft III, prisoner-of-war camp. This was the foundation for the movie that starred Steve McQueen, The Great Escape, released July 4, 1963 in which one of the most remembered motor cycle scenes exemplified the flight of man.

With the Electric Power Motor Machine, McQueen Motorcycle’s hopes to provide a “great escape” from rising fuel costs, global warming, and the contamination of our precious water ways with crude oil spills which kill countless wildlife, and to promote a much cleaner future.

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