Orphanage in Uganda Gets LED Lighting

Tellurex Corporation of Traverse City Michigan will be deploying tPOD1s to light the each of the 80 homes at the Christian Life Orphanage in Seeta, Uganda.

The tPOD1s will be distributed to the orphanage as part of the New Hope Church of Traverse City’s mission trip during the third week of June. The partnership between the church and Tellurex formed as a result of a chance meeting between Tellurex Program Manager, Richard Harmon and Patrick Siler, one of the facilitators of the mission trip.

Arrangements were quickly made to provide enough tPOD1s to provide bright, clean, safe, LED lighting for each of the 80 homes at the orphanage which is located approximately 30 miles outside of the Ugandan capital Kampala. 

“The tPOD1 will reduce the cost of lighting at the orphanage which now relies on kerosene lanterns for lighting. It will also improve safety and indoor air quality. tPOD1 lighting will be far superior to their current lanterns,” said Richard Harmon.

This gift was made possible by the pledges of supporters of a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign that launched the tPOD1 in 2012 as well as donations made by Tellurex Corporation in conjunction with a celebrity gifting suite event at the 2012 American Music Awards.  In all, there are 88 tPOD1 units to be delivered to the orphanage. Usage training will be facilitated by 15 participants of a mission trip from the New Hope Church.

In addition to the orphanage donations, meetings have been arranged with policy and decision makers inside Uganda to learn about the tPOD1 which has the potential to enhance the lives of the estimated 1.7 billion people worldwide who do not have access to modern lighting driven by an electrical grid.