U.S. Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs an Estimated $384 Billion

In order to provide safe water through 2030, the EPA has estimated that drinking water infrastructure will need about $384 billion worth of improvements.

The Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment includes more than 73,000 water systems across the U.S., including American Indian and Alaskan water systems that are used to provide water to 300 million people.

According to the survey, distribution and transmission needs $247.5 billion in improvements; treatment processes need $72.5 billion, storage needs $39.5 billion, and water sources need $20.5 to provide safe water throughout the country.

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) says that certain options are available to help with water infrastructure needs. These options include creating a federal water infrastructure trust fund, establish a National Infrastructure Bank and a Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act program, among others.

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