Texas Power Plant Gets New Water Treatment Technology

By using GE technology, a power plant in Texas has saved more than $1 million a year in operational expenses since 2010. The plant has recently been honored with GE’s Return on Environment Award.

Tenaska Gateway Generating Station, a combined-cycle power plant in Texas, has reaped the benefits of GE’s advanced water treatment technology, saving the plant more than $3.2 million in operational expenses and significantly reducing its use of water treatment agents in the past three years.

The Tenaska Gateway Generating Station, located near Mt. Enterprise in Rusk County, Texas, recently incorporated facility enhancements that earned the facility a GE Return on Environment Award, which recognizes the achievements of industrial users that significantly surpass environmental and industrial operational goals while balancing industrial demands. Tenaska was recognized for its noteworthy reductions in rinse water and water treatment agents.

“Tenaska Gateway Generating Station has a long-time working relationship with GE since before the plant was commissioned, first by employing GE’s gas turbine and steam generator technology and more recently, by upgrading our water purification technology. GE’s new water treatment equipment enables us to use water more efficiently,” said Steve Pearson, plant manager.

In 2010, the existing ion exchange technologies that had been the primary water purifier at the Tenaska Gateway Generating Station were enhanced with the addition of GE equipment utilizing reverse osmosis membrane technology. In addition, GE treats the power plant’s water used in the heat recovery steam generators and cooling tower. With GE’s water treatment technologies, the plant uses fewer water treatment agents, which helps prevent water quality degradation and the need for additional treatment. It does not need to regenerate the demineralizers as often, which in turn saves money and minimizes the amount of treated wastewater returned to the environment.

Pearson added, “We have had a long-standing commitment to reliable, efficient and environmentally responsible operation of our Tenaska Gateway Generating Station. We are pleased that our dedication led to our being honored with a GE Return on Environment Award.”

The Tenaska Gateway Generating Station is an 845-megawatt, natural gas-fueled combined-cycle electric generating station. Tenaska, an energy company headquartered in Omaha, Neb., formed Tenaska Gateway Partners, Ltd. to build, own and operate the plant. Affiliates of Tenaska serve as the managing partner and operator. The facility includes three GE Frame 7FA gas turbines, three heat recovery steam generators, and one GE steam turbine.

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