Chemicals in Consumer Products Discussed on Capitol Hill

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) held a forum yesterday with Congressman Tim Murphy, chemical industry leaders, and stakeholders to discuss the ACC’s new Responsible Care Product Safety Code.

The ACC held a discussion on Capitol Hill to review the new Responsible Care Product Safety Code, which is a set of practices that chemical companies will begin using to help determine a safe amount of chemicals are added into the everyday consumer products they make. During yesterday’s event, attendees also discussed how safe management of chemicals can help customers feel more secure about their purchases, especially on the products they use every day.

“The Product Safety Code is our industry’s public commitment to our role in the safe management of chemicals,” said Cal Dooley, ACC president and CEO. “The Code champions transparency, accountability and science-based product development, going above and beyond what is required by law, to foster even greater public confidence in the safety of chemicals.”

There are 11 requirements of The Product Safety Code that ACC members must meet in order to evaluate and improve product safety. Companies must also produce complete information about the products they make in order for the consumers to be fully aware of what is in the products they buy. The Code will be enforced next year and will be confirmed by third-party auditors.