Donated Trees Revitalize Louisiana Landscape

Resource Environmental Solutions (RES) have donated 2,500 cypress and oak trees to areas in Louisiana that have been devastated by hurricane and drought.

The trees donated from RES, which were grown and potted at RES’ 640-acre native grass and tree nursery near Pointe Aux Chenes in Terrebonne Parish, were planted in 57 different parishes across the state, including Orleans. In March and April of this year, the trees were planted in areas approved by local legislators.

District 4 State Senator Ed Murray stated, "These live oak trees are a great gift from Resource Environmental Solutions that help beautify our city and park, but also help us restore the many trees lost in Hurricane Katrina. We are one step further in restoring refuge and habitats for the park’s wildlife and balancing its ecosystem. We thank RES for their donation and also The Picard Group for facilitating such a powerful environmental initiative," said Ed Murray, district 4 state senator.

"With this generous donation of trees from RES, we are able to return the beauty to and rehabilitate the environment in St. Bernard parish that was shattered by Hurricane Katrina. RES’ effort is not only generous, but revitalizing and for that we in St. Bernard Parish are truly grateful,” added Senator J.P. Morrell (D-St. Bernard).