Raymond Hart Elected as New President of GEI

GEI Consultants, Inc., a civil, geotechnical, environmental, water resources, and ecological science and engineering firms, has elected Raymond D. Hart, P.E., G.E., as the firm’s new president by GEI’s board of directors.

Raymond Hart is the new president of GEI and had served as the company’s chief operating officer for the past seven years. He replaces Francis D. Leathers, P.E., F.ASCE, D.GE, who will return to full-time client practice after serving as GEI’s president for the past fourteen years. As previously announced, Ronald Palmieri, P.E., formerly GEI senior vice president and central region manager, has been named GEI’s new chief operating officer, replacing Hart in that position. 

“Nearly two years ago Frank Leathers informed the board of his intent to step down from the role of president in 2013,” said Naser Bateni, GEI’s chairman of the board. “Frank believes that after nearly 15 years at the helm, it is time for others to lead. His foresight enabled GEI’s board to conduct a thorough and transparent internal leadership transition process.  Everyone at GEI appreciates the leadership Frank has provided and the company culture he has fostered. The board of directors, its more than 115 employee shareholders, and hundreds of staff across America are thrilled to see Ray Hart elected to the firm’s top executive position. We are also very pleased with the selection of Ron Palmieri as GEI’s new chief operating officer. Supported by the board and GEI’s executive, national, and regional operations teams, Ray and Ron lead a very strong team to guide GEI in the years ahead.”

Hart joined GEI in 2003, served as GEI’s COO for the past seven years, and enjoyed a 25 year career at the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) before joining GEI. He held numerous positions at the DWR, having led the development of the 1993 State Water Plan, having directed the State’s flood response efforts during the great floods of 1997 and 1998, and having managed the SWP through the 2001 energy crises in California.  Hart was part of the National Levee Safety Review Team in 2008, where he reviewed work and provided suggestions for development of a strategic plan for a national levee program. A registered professional civil and geotechnical engineer, Hart joined GEI through its acquisition of venerable California water resources firm Bookman-Edmonston Engineering in 2003.