A New Additive to Make Wastewater Treatment More Efficient

Wastewater sludge is a semi-solid material that accounts for 50 percent of operating costs and about 65 percent of environmental impact in order to purify the water. After being tested in 50 wastewater treatment plants in various countries, a new additive called LODOred may be able to purify the sludge more efficiently.

A new solution to purifying wastewater sludge may be LODOred, an ECO-Innovative wastewater treatment additive that’s been promoted by the WASTERED project and has been tested in 50 wastewater facilities in Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and Switzerland. The additive was first invented for sewage sludge purification, but is now available for use in the meat and dairy industries.

LODOred is biodegradable and requires the use of oxygen in order to purify activated sludge by encapsulating flocs of bacteria. The floc layer then removes mineral and particulate matter from the wastewater which improves the sedimentation of the sludge. The encapsulation manipulates enzymes and vitamins to further increase the level of degradation and lowers sludge production.