Tennessee Celebrates Earth Day with State Park Hikes

Beginning on Saturday, April 20 and lasting through Sunday, Tennessee State Parks will be sponsoring free, guided hikes at each state park as a way to celebrate Earth Day this year.

For Earth Day, each state park in Tennessee will be providing family-friend activities such as wildflower and waterfall talks, educational programming, historical reenactments, and more during their free, guided hikes this coming weekend. All hikes have been designed for all ages and abilities as a way for anyone to enjoy.

“Earth Day 2013 is officially slated for Monday, April 22, so we are getting a jumpstart on this worldwide day of recognition by hosting some fun, weekend hikes right here in Tennessee,” said Environment and Conservation Commissioner Bob Martineau. “Celebrating its 43rd year, Earth Day is a wonderful time to become reacquainted with everything Tennessee’s 54 state parks and 83 natural areas have to offer – while promoting better, healthier habits in our communities.”

Tennessee has 54 state parks, and some of the hikes may be around one mile long and better for inexperienced hikers. For those with more experience on the trails, longer and more difficult hikes will also be available. To see a list of planned hikes in your area, please click here.