CO2 Emissions Continue to Decrease

According to the Energy Information Administrations (EIA), CO2 emissions have managed to decrease each year since 2007, and 2012 had the lowest emissions since 1994.

Because of the low natural gas prices in early 2012, this sparked the higher use of the gas which is the least carbon-intensive fossil fuel. As a result, CO2 emissions were 3.7 percent lower than they were in 2011, according to the research. Since there was a large decrease in the amount of coal used in 2012, this helped decrease overall emissions for the year.

Milder winters and less demand for transportation also helped contribute to the emissions reduction. EIA published their findings in the Monthly Energy Review in March 2013, but a full emissions report for 2012 will be available later in the year. The report suggests that there is a growing trend that will revolutionize how American consume and produce energy.