Gift of Solar Unveiled at Austin Children's Shelter

Texas Representative Mark Strama joins Austin community leaders to highlight the positive impact of solar energy on the city and state at the Austin Children’s Shelter unveiling.

Circular Energy, a full-service solar design and installation firm, unveiled a custom solar energy system they donated to the Austin Children’s Shelter (ACS). The Austin-based firm installed the 10,000-watt solar PV array, consisting of 40 solar panels, on the roof of the ACS gymnasium. The gymnasium is the largest and has the highest energy usage of the campus’ eight buildings. The system gives ACS the opportunity to reinvest the savings into caring for the traumatized and neglected children the shelter serves. 

“We’re thrilled to receive this lasting gift,” said Kelly White, CEO of Austin Children’s Shelter. “Not only will these panels help lower our substantial energy costs, they will also provide a powerful learning opportunity for our residents, volunteers, and staff. The ongoing savings and long-term environmental impact of this gift will give the young people we serve a firsthand lesson in the value of renewable energy.” 

Circular Energy is setting a new standard in the solar industry through customer experience driven by strong relationships and community involvement. The company has hosted educational activities for children at the Austin Children’s Shelter allowing them to learn about their new solar power system, as well as the future of clean energy. 

"With our abundant solar resources in Texas, we have the power to position ourselves as the world leader in renewable energy for the next one hundred years, just as we have positioned ourselves as the world leader in oil and gas for the past one hundred years," said Texas Representative Mark Strama. 

To commemorate accessible alternative energy in Texas, Austin Children’s Shelter and Circular Energy formally launched the Shelter’s solar power system on Wednesday, April 3. Featured speakers shared how the mix of smart technology and advocacy are having a positive impact on sustainable energy in Texas.

"We all play a part in making Austin the Clean Energy Capital of the World,” said Jose Beceiro, director of clean energy at The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce. “Circular Energy has taken a generous step in keeping one of Austin's key nonprofits ahead of the curve in renewable energy." 

"The Austin Children's Shelter is making a tremendous impact on the lives of children, and it has been rewarding for our team to spend time educating the kids on solar and learning about their lives, desires and dreams," said JC Shore, CEO of Circular Energy. "The Shelter’s work inspired us to also help make an impact by designing and installing a solar system on the Shelter's campus, so they experience more efficient operating costs for the next 25-plus years.” 

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