New Cleaner Fuel and Cars Standards Proposed

The EPA has proposed new standards for both cars and fuels that will help reduce pollution and improve efficiency in vehicles.

The EPA’s new standard proposal for cars and gasoline will aid in achieving lower pollution at the lowest cost. By decreasing the amount of emissions caused by motor vehicles and their fuel, the standard can help prevent up to 2,400 premature deaths and 23,000 cases of respiratory illnesses in children per year.

The proposal also aims to reduce the levels of smog and soot, making it easier to maintain national ambient air quality standards in order to protect public health. The new standards will provide flexibility for small businesses, such as hardship provisions and longer lead time to obtain compliance.

The standards will reduce gasoline sulfur levels by more than 60 percent, enabling a greater level of efficiency in vehicle emission control technologies. Working with California’s clean cars and fuels program, the standards will create a nationwide emissions program to help automakers sell the same vehicles in each state across the country.

For more information on the EPA’s emissions standards proposal, please click here.