Perimeter Security for Photovoltaic Roofing Systems

Since the adoption of the Kyoto protocol and the growing consciousness of “renewable energies”, more European countries are beginning to provide public incentives on photovoltaic systems. During the past few years, solar applications in Italy have seen a dramatic increase in sales and usage. Since the construction of one of the largest photovoltaic roofing systems in Italy, perimeter security of the area became a large concern.

At the Interporto of Padova, an industrial area in the eastern part of Padova, one of largest photovoltaic roofs in Italy has been constructed. The roofing system has 12.3 million Watts of capacity, installed over 18 hangars and 7 parking lot roofs. After being completed in Dec. 2010, the roof produces enough energy for 4,000 families and saves 8,000 tons of CO2 emission each year. Solon S.p.A., the Italian manufacturer of solar panels and photovoltaics systems completed the site with 49,000 crystalline silicon solar cells, 7,500 amorphous silicon modules, and 49 invertors for Interporto Solare S.r.l.

After the photovoltaic roof was completed, it was obvious that the area would demand a highly reliable system of protection from theft and vandalism. CIAS anti-intrusion products were selected as first-rate choice. CIAS Elettronica is a whole Italian company nationally and internationally renowned as technological leader in outdoor perimeter protection solutions: microwave, infrared and double/triple technology barriers, dopplers and fence sensor system.

The microwave barrier CORAL was the choice for Interporto di Padova solar roof application. 98 CORALs were installed in an anti-climbing way in order to fit the plant’s protection requirements.With range of 100 and 200m, it has been conceived for quick and easy installation, yet maintaining a quality level significantly above the average, for complete protection.

CORAL incorporates an audio-visual set-up system which simplifies the alignment and set up of the barrier. A “walk-test” function was also included, which identifies the real dimensions of the protection field with mathematical alignment precision. With the instrument incorporated inside the receiver head, the walk test and all the other functions are used to have an optimal alignment, which reducing the probability of generating improper alarms.

In this solar roof application CIAS barriers are managed by the Honeywell control panel GALAXY, and are remotely controlled by means of a supervision system that constantly checks the status of electricity production and the CIAS anti-intrusion system at the same time.