New Clean Air Technology Can Reduce Emissions and Other Air Pollutants

A new catalytic converter, known to drastically reduce emissions, has been released by ACAT Global.

ACAT Global, Advanced Clean Air Technologies, has released a new technologically advanced catalytic converter, which can drastically reduce emissions – with stringent testing parameters showing a 44 percent reduction in particulate matter being released into the atmosphere, nearly a 50% reduction in air pollution.

In light of China’s air pollution levels moving into a hazardous health state since Jan.12, 2013 and the United States Embassy rating the air in central Beijing an astounding 755 on an air quality scale of 0 to 500, the ACAT Global catalytic converters would significantly aid in the rectifying the deadly air pollution dilemma.

There would be significant reductions in automotive emissions, which account for almost 80% of the air pollutants in China, if ACAT Global catalytic converters were equipped on just 10 percent of the motorized vehicles in China. Of even further reaching impact, ACAT Global has converters available for motorcycles, boats, heavy equipment, and diesel engines, with emission levels that far exceed the stringent guidelines put into place by the Environmental Protection Agency through 2015.

Just introduced into the marketplace in October 2012, ACAT Global’s catalytic converters utilize a state-of-the-art, patent-pending technology recently acquired from the global electronics giant Delphi. ACAT Global acquired all of the intellectual property and research and development that Delphi had done over a 20-year period, at a cost nearing $500 million as they developed the technology, and ACAT furthered it.

Michigan-based ACAT Global LLC utilizes patented and proprietary technology and processes to manufacture metallic catalytic converter substrates. The substrates improve efficiency while reducing pollutants emitted by internal combustion engines, fuel cells, or any power source that creates emissions, such as power plants and oil refineries. ACAT Global strives to help clients meet their emissions reduction goals by providing solutions that comply with North American (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board) and worldwide emissions policies.