Tire Recycling Company Partners with Car Rental Corporation to Recycle Scrap Tires

Liberty Tire Recycling announced its nationwide partnership with The Hertz Corporation to recover and recycle scrap tires form car rental outlets.

Liberty Tire Recycling signed an agreement with The Hertz Corporation to recover and recycle scrap tires from all of the rental agency’s locations in the United States. It is the first agreement of its kind in the car rental industry and will result in the collection and recycling of more than 160,000 tires each year.

“At Liberty Tire Recycling, we are always looking at ways to develop productive partnerships that lead to the recovery and recycling of more scrap tires across North America,” noted Jeffrey Kendall, CEO of Liberty Tire Recycling. “Hertz is a leader in its industry, and with this agreement, they have demonstrated definitively that they are committed to sustainable practices. With our continental footprint, we are the only company that can offer the services they are seeking, so we are delighted to partner with them.”

Liberty Tire Recycling remains at the forefront of a conservation industry that reclaims more than 140 million scrap tires annually, representing more than a third of the scrap tires generated in the United States. Those tires are taken to one of more than 40 processing locations. They are then transformed into crumb rubber, which becomes the raw material for smart, sustainable products that improve people’s lives.

Recycled rubber can be used as an additive for rubberized asphalt, which can make highways quieter and safer. It can also be transformed into rubber mulch for safer playgrounds or crumb rubber infill for better, safer athletic fields.

“This past summer, Liberty Tire Recycling donated Groundsmart Rubber Mulch to The Children’s Inn at The National Institute of Health in the nation’s capital, where it was used to build a new playground and for landscaping,” Kendall added. “It’s the kind of project that can make a difference while ensuring that scrap tires are removed from the waste stream. As playground safety surfacing, Groundsmart Rubber Mulch is far superior to its wood counterpart, because a six-inch layer of Groundsmart Rubber Mulch will cushion a child’s fall from as high as 16 feet.”

In April of this year, the company collaborated with the City of Atlanta and Keep Atlanta Beautiful to stage a city-wide tire cleanup event. Volunteers gathered throughout the city and collected 25,000 scrap tires in one day. Those tires were then transported to Liberty’s facility near Atlanta, where they were recycled.