Electric Company and School District Promote Environmental Responsibility with New Program

Schneider Electric’s Conserve My Planet Program helps students, faculty and staff cut energy costs by $73,000 in the Allen Independent School District.

Schneider Electric has successfully implemented its Conserve My Planet program in the U.S. at the Allen Independent School District, in Allen, Texas. The program is an educational, energy-saving program for K-12 schools that includes an energy audit, educational materials, teacher and student training programs, evaluation, and recognition.

Tasked with cutting its energy budget by 10%, the school district turned to Schneider Electric to not only help educate the students across 16 elementary schools about ways to cut energy usage, but also to address this energy reduction goal. As a result of implementing various energy competitions and educational programs over the course of the school year, the district was able to save approximately $73,500, and reduced CO2 emissions by 423 tons, equivalent to removing 95 cars from the roads for one year.

By empowering teachers and students, the program motivates students, teachers and staff to take an active role in encouraging smart, efficient energy use in school and at home. The program starts with a sustainability master plan, which can address everything from how individual buildings work to recycling and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

“A comprehensive energy management approach is critical for schools, and truly for any organization looking to reduce energy costs,” said Tammy Fulop, vice president, Energy Solutions Sales, Schneider Electric. “The program at Allen Independent School District is a prime example of this approach in action, and we are thrilled to see the teachers and students take an interest in the project and make an impact that will bring long-term benefits.”