New Roof Design to Make Homes More Efficient

A new roof and attic system improves efficiency in homes, making them cooler in summer and warmer in winter by pulling air from the beneath the attic into an inclined air space above the roof.

The new roof system that was field-tested at Oak Ridge National Laboratory uses controls for convection, installation, and radiation by using a passive ventilation system that takes air from the attic to the roof in order to make homes more energy efficient during each season. This new design can be retrofitted with nearly all roofing products. The design is a foiled covered polystyrene insulation that fits over and between rafters, which can be installed in both new and existing shingle roof systems. The removal of old shingles is not necessary, which also makes this design very cost-effective.

Poorly sealed HVAC ducts leak air into an attic and costs homeowners more money each year to cool and heat their homes. To seal the attic, spray foam is typically used but can be very expensive. For much less, this new roof design can be added to homes for around $2,000 and can start saving homeowners money right after installation.

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