Cameras, Rain Gauges to Warn of Queensland Floods

The local government is providing $500,000 to help regional councils install solar-powered cameras and rain gauges before the 2012 wet season arrives.

New, solar-powered cameras soon will be installed thanks to the government of Queensland, Australia to monitor remote river systems. These and hundreds of flood gauges will provide early warn of rapidly rising rivers during Queensland's upcoming wet season, with officials hoping to avoid a repeat of the damage and deaths caused by floods last year, Michael Madigan and Steven Wardill reported in The Courier-Mail.

They reported Local Government Minister David Crisafulli is announcing $500,000 in funding to help regional councils install the equipment.

"Councils had been demanding more state funding to complete crucial work and had warned that flood-weary communities might not be ready for another summer of heavy rain. New measures to be rolled out include solar-powered cameras with week-long back-up batteries," according to their report.