Raleigh Police See Fuel Savings From Energy Xtreme Mobile Power Idle Reduction Systems

Earlier this year the Raleigh Police Department installed mobile power idle reduction systems in 29 police vehicles. The project was funded by an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant, and aligns with Raleigh's commitment to environmental protection outlined in the City's Comprehensive Plan.

Energy Xtreme's mobile power idle reduction systems are a smart power management device that provides power, without engine engagement, to vehicles with demanding electrical needs.  For Raleigh, the system allows their police cruiser's full electrical systems - including lights, onboard camera, computer and radio - to operate without having to idle the vehicle's engine for at least four continuous hours.  The system automatically recharges while the vehicle is being driven. It saves fuel by increasing the vehicles MPG and reduces emissions by eliminating the need to idle, extending the life of the vehicle by mitigating engine wear and tear.  Additionally, the system is completely silent and doesn't leave a heat trace, providing stealth capabilities.

Since being installed, the Energy Xtreme systems have saved Raleigh over 3,000 gallons of fuel, prevented the emission of 59,326 pounds of CO2 and reduced engine mileage by 107,032 miles. The Raleigh Police Department projects an annual fuel savings of $63,000.