June Global Temperatures Fourth Highest On Record

According to NOAA scientists, the globally averaged temperature for June 2012 marked the fourth warmest June since record keeping began in 1880. The combined average temperature over global land and ocean surfaces was 61.03°F, 1.13°F above the 20th century average. June 2012 also marks the 36th consecutive June and 328th consecutive month with a global temperature above the 20th century average. The last below-average temperature June was June 1976 and the last below-average temperature month was February 1985.

Most areas of the world experienced much above-average monthly temperatures, including most of North America and Eurasia, and northern Africa. Only Australia, northern and western Europe, and the northwestern United States were notably cooler than average. Austria recorded its highest ever June temperature of 99.9°F on June 30 in two locations -- the capital city of Vienna and in German-Altenburg, Nope. The monthly temperature during June in the United Kingdom was 0.5°F below the 1971-2000 average, making this the coolest June since 1991. Australia also remained cooler than average due to the lingering effects of La Niña.
For the ocean, the June global sea surface temperature was 0.85°F above the 20th century average of 61.5°F, the 10th warmest June on record. Neutral ocean conditions continued across the equatorial Pacific Ocean during June as sea surface temperatures continued to warm. According to NOAA's Climate Prediction Center, there is an increased chance that El Niño conditions will emerge beginning in July-September 2012. In addition to influencing seasonal climate outcomes in the United States, El Niño is often, but not always, associated with global temperatures that are higher than temperatures in the neutral and La Niña phases.