RadioShack Recycles 5-Million Pounds of Batteries

RadioShack is the first retailer to collect 5-million pounds of rechargeable batteries since partnering with Call2Recycle, the only free rechargeable battery collection program in North America.

Through its partnership with Call2Recycle, RadioShack has surpassed 5-million pounds in collections of rechargeable batteries, ranking as the highest-volume retail partner for Call2Recycle and the first to reach this milestone, as announced during RadioShack's recent Business Summit in Dallas.

"Consumers have come to expect recycling options for materials they use or discard. RadioShack was one of the first national retailers to offer this service starting in 1994, and two years later in partnership with Call2Recycle," said John Ripperton, senior vice president for supply chain management at RadioShack Corp. "We're proud that we can divert such a large volume of batteries and broken-down materials from the waste stream, conveniently and at no cost to our customers."

"RadioShack has consistently demonstrated their commitment to their customers and the environment by including battery recycling in their corporate practices," said Carl Smith, CEO and president of Call2Recycle. "Our partnership with RadioShack began in 1996 and as a champion of rechargeable battery recycling efforts, their participation has continually increased each year."

As a true product stewardship program, Call2Recycle does not charge any fees to recycle rechargeable batteries. By joining forces with Call2Recycle, RadioShack customers can drop off rechargeable batteries for recycling at thousands of nearby RadioShack locations throughout the United States, for no charge. New products are created using these recycled materials while ensuring that none of the old batteries or broken-down materials enter the waste stream.