Greenstar Recycling Helps Houston Lead Green Job Economy Growth

A new study by two of the nation’s top consulting organizations that demonstrates Houston’s impressive record at creating environmentally responsible “green jobs” helps spotlight the contributions of  Greenstar Recycling. The study by the Brookings Institution and Batelle found that Houston ranks in the top 10 among the nation’s 100 largest cities for creating all “green jobs,” and in the top five at recycling job creation.

“Recycling initiatives should be at the forefront of sustainability efforts, and discussions about green infrastructure ought to always include recycling”

Greenstar Recycling, a provider of sustainable recycling solutions in the solid waste market, has been headquartered in Houston since 2007. In just the past year alone, Greenstar’s Houston management and recycling facility employment is up 30 percent, compared to the five percent annual growth in Houston’s green economy.

“Recycling initiatives should be at the forefront of sustainability efforts, and discussions about green infrastructure ought to always include recycling,” stated Greenstar Recycling Chief Executive Officer Matt Delnick. “When structured properly, recycling programs can pay for themselves through lower emissions, reduced disposal costs and potential income generation for the cities that adopt them because recyclables are sold to end users as material for new products.”

“Greenstar is committed to increasing Houston’s recycling rates and we are making the necessary investments locally to deliver results,” Delnick continued. “That kind of recycling infrastructure investment creates jobs, generates incomes, has a high social rate of return, and fosters wider innovation. For the people of Houston and many other cities who want to make the right choice and recycle, Greenstar is growing to deliver on the promise of a green economy.”

Part of Greenstar’s growth in Houston employment can be attributed to the company’s launch of single-stream recycling – a first for the Houston market – in November 2010. Innovative single-stream recycling allows the combination of all recyclables into one bin, greatly increasing the convenience to participating households and businesses. With single-stream now available for businesses, residential subdivisions and municipalities, Greenstar’s recycling facility in northwest Houston is poised for greater future demand.

Such effective recycling programs can contribute to substantial improvements in environmental sustainability. For example, Greenstar, working with the City of San Antonio, has created a pathway to zero waste by increasing recycling volume there by 300 percent over the past five years. Earlier in 2011, that program was featured as a case study for an environmental sustainability conference at The United Nations Headquarters in New York.

“As all levels of local government and community members become more engaged in creating sustainable recycling programs, there will be corresponding increases in stable, good-paying recycling jobs. Greenstar believes the best is yet to come for Houston’s green employment sector, and we intend to continue making a notable contribution to that in future years.”