Review of Samsung's Replenish Smartphone

Screen Size: 2.8 inches/240x320 resolution
Dimensions: 4.8 in. high x 2.4 in. wide x 0.5 in. thick
Weight: 4.1 ounces
Camera Size: 2MP
Keyboard: Tactile QWERTY
OS: 2.2 Froyo
External memory: Comes with 512MB internal and 2GB external; supports up to 32GB
Processor: 600MHz
Cost: $50 (with two-year Sprint contract)

  • Made from 34.6 percent post-consumer recycled material. Phone as a whole comprises 80 percent recycled material
  • Comes with envelope for free, easy recycling at end of lifespan
  • Can download Sprint’s GreenID pack for free. Comes with some cool apps and links to environmental news sites.
  • Small camera for a smartphone
  • Small but functional screen; not too pleasant for reading, but it gets the job done.
The Samsung Replenish is not on the cutting edge of smartphone technology, but it is a solid, useful phone for a no-frills price. If you’re concerned with your environmental footprint and like the idea of going easy on the Earth with your phone purchase, the Replenish is a good option for a basic smartphone.

About the Author

Laura Williams is a content editor for Environmental Protection. She can be reached at [email protected].

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