One of U.S.’s Largest Public Utilities Adopts energyOrbit Cloud Computing Solution

energyOrbit, a cloud-computing company in the Demand Side Management sector, announced the successful Implementation and roll out of energyOrbit at Santee Cooper, one of the country’s largest public utilities.

A promoter and implementer of energy-efficiency projects in its service territory, Santee Cooper uses energyOrbit to run its energy-efficiency programs. With energyOrbit in place, Santee Cooper is poised to maximize energy savings and potentially offset the need for building power-generation capacity.

Santee Cooper’s traditional method for managing its energy-efficiency programs was the use of a variety of paper forms, spreadsheets and multiple databases to track various costs savings. The installation and deployment of energyOrbit was timely for Santee’s Cooper’s new residential and commercial energy efficiency 2010 and 2011 program rollouts. energyOrbit enables Santee Cooper to quickly adapt to business and regulatory changes. Managers and staff members have complete visibility into the performance of their programs and are able to proactively implement adjustments as dictated by market acceptance levels and other key performance indicators.

“energyOrbit delivers power and flexibility for managing our residential and commercial energy efficiency programs and the energyOrbit team has proven to be a responsive and committed partner,” said John Steedly, director program development at Santee Cooper.

“Collaboration with our customers has been a key factor in the development and propagation of energyOrbit,” said Udi Merhav, founder and CEO of crmOrbit Inc, the developer of energyOrbit. Merhav also added that “there is no greater testimonial than receiving an endorsement from your customers on your product and implementation service. Santee Cooper has on several occasions graciously agreed to serve as a reference to several substantial opportunities in various parts of the country.”