Consolidated Water Co. Chooses ERI’s Pumps and Devices for Bahamas Desalination Plant Expansion

Consolidated Water Co. (CWCO) selected Energy Recovery Inc.’s PX Pressure Exchanger devices and ERI AquaBold pumps for a major expansion of the Bahamas Water and Sewerage Corporation’s Blue Hills large-scale seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) project. The implementation of ERI’s devices will reduce the energy and costs required to produce drinking water on the island of New Providence, Bahamas.

CWCO selected the devices and pumps based on its experience with them in two previous SWRO projects. The expanded Blue Hills desalination plant, which was originally built approximately six years ago, will provide 18,500 cubic meters, or about 4.9 million gallons, of drinking water per day to the inhabitants of the island.

“Much of the overall cost of desalination can be attributed to energy consumption, which is why CWCO is partnering with ERI to conserve as much energy as possible, ensuring that clean, safe drinking water is within reach for every resident on the island,” stated Ramjeet Jerrybandan, vice president of Overseas Operations, Consolidated Water Co. “CWCO selected Energy Recovery Inc’s PX devices because in our experience, they reliably reduce energy consumption, costs and the environmental impact generated by desalination without the need for regular maintenance or a large stock of spare parts.”

“It is a privilege to once again be selected by CWCO for the company’s desalination projects and to be a part of the critical expansion of the Blue Hills facility,” said Borja Blanco, executive vice president of ERI. “ERI considers CWCO’s repeated selection of our technology for its plants as an acknowledgement of the superior performance and low maintenance of our PX devices. ERI is proud that our technology is now helping create greener operations and brighter futures for three of CWCO’s desalination projects.”

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