Autocar Debuts Hybrid Waste Disposal Truck

Autocar announced the launch of its E3 advanced series hybrid cab/chassis, the culmination of a rigorous testing and validation program that follows the successful implementation of a pre-production E3 fleet in service in the greater Miami area.

The E3 is the industry's lowest emission, fully functional, class-8 truck available. Operational results have shown fuel consumption reductions of 30 percent to 50 percent, with a typical saving of 45 percent. This translates into a savings of 4,500 gallons of diesel fuel per year for an average refuse application, with a corresponding annual reduction of CO2 of 50 tons per truck. In addition to fuel savings, operators will also realize a dramatic reduction in brake wear, and reduced operational noise. These savings are realized in a platform that improves both performance and productivity resulting in environmental and operational benefits.

Autocar’s partner-supplier Parker Hannifin has developed the Runwise hybrid module that replaces the vehicle’s traditional automatic transmission. It features full powertrain management to deliver these results. The E3 and Runwise have been recognized by the California ARB for the Hybrid Vehicle Incentive Program voucher program, and by the EPA as an emerging technology under the National Clean Diesel Campaign.

“Autocar is excited to bring the E3 to the marketplace. Its benefits have been shown to pay dividends in the field trials and with the pre-production units in service,” said Tom Vatter, Autocar’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Adding this chassis reinforces Autocar’s position at the leading edge of alternate fuel and alternate propulsion solutions for the refuse industry. At a time when United States reliance on foreign oil is a front-page concern, Autocar is proud to be participating in programs that reduce that dependency, and improve the environment for all.”

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