Cascade Engineering Showcases Pink Carts for Breast Cancer Awareness at Waste Expo

Cascade Engineering’s Pink Cart is a new program developed in collaboration with the American Cancer Society that will enable households and businesses nationwide to make an important and visible demonstration of their support for the fight against breast cancer.

The signature piece of the initiative is Cascade’s new, brightly colored waste and recycling cart, made from pink plastic and available in 35-, 64- and 96-gallon sizes.

Five dollars from the purchase of each Pink Cart will go toward supporting ACS’ breast cancer awareness programs. Cascade plans to offer the program through arrangements with waste haulers and local municipalities, as well as directly to residential and commercial customers at

“The Pink Cart is poised to transform America’s curbside palette, providing an innovative way to get involved in raising awareness about a disease that continues to take an enormous toll on women’s health,” said Jo-Anne Perkins, general manager of the Cascade Cart Solutions business unit.

“In addition to reflecting Cascade’s longstanding corporate focus on making a positive social and environmental impact, the Pink Cart program is about a cause that is close to the hearts of many on the Cascade team. That connection has served as a powerful motivation as we developed this new opportunity for people to participate in the fight against breast cancer, highlight their own experience with the disease and encourage others to join in the cause.”

Cascade’s pink waste and recycling cart evokes ACS’ powerful pink ribbon symbol, which is widely recognized as a way to honor breast cancer survivors, remember those lost to the disease and support the progress made in defeating breast cancer. In 2009, more than 190,000 women learned they have breast cancer, and more than 40,000 died from the disease.

The Pink Cart program is the latest innovation by Cascade Cart Solutions, a solid waste and recycling industry leader that has developed and manufactured millions of injection molded solid waste and recycling carts for use in residential and commercial applications. Because Cascade places great emphasis on environmental awareness, all of its solid waste and recycling products are 100-percent recyclable. The company is the developer of the EcoCart™, an eco-friendly collection cart that utilizes the highest post-consumer recycled content in the industry and can incorporate “smart” asset management capabilities through the addition of a barcode or RFID tag.