Wastequip Introduces its Grease Vault

Wastequip has introduced the Grease Vault, a line of containers for collecting food grease. The steel containers, available in 100, 200, 300 and 360 gallon sizes, are designed for restaurants, schools, hospitals, grocery stores, hotels and other institutions that generate food grease.

State and federal regulations require that generators of food grease collect and dispose of grease responsibly. Additionally, as the demand for alternative fuels rises, so does the demand for recyclable grease providing institutions the opportunity to sell their used grease. Disposal regulations and growing demand for recyclable grease require containers that are easy to use and protect against theft.

Wastequip grease containers are designed to meet customers’ needs with security, reduced contamination and easier clean out in mind. The Wastequip Grease Vault is available with three lid options – a reinforced plastic lid with bolted-in grate, a plastic loading lid within a welded steel lid and a plastic lid with a bi-fold steel lid underneath. Each of the three types of lids locks to deter theft.

The unique feature of Wastequip’s Grease Vault containers is their design which allows them to accommodate both methods of emptying – vacuuming and dumping. Non-welded lids allow for vacuuming and a peg system enables automatic dumping, making these containers some of the most versatile on the market.

Other features include lid overhang to prevent contamination, tapered design for nestability and lip overhang to prevent grease spillage.

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