How to Make Energy for Free with Magnets (With Video)

Enlighten Media Inc. has released a revealing new audio course that shows how to use magnetic motors to make unlimited energy—for free. The thought-provoking audio book by the Chicago-based company compares magnetic motors and engines that run on water to current forms of polluting and renewable sources of energy such as coal, oil, nuclear power, wind, and solar.

According to Jody Bruce, CEO of Enlighten Media and author of the audio course, energy can be made for free with engines that generate more energy than what is needed to run them. "These types of engines are called over-unity and have been around for the last 100 years," Bruce said. "They run on magnets or water and can output more than 500 percent. There was even a Nobel Prize awarded in 1957 for this technology."

The audio book, entitled "The Truth about Renewable Energy," is designed to blow the lid off what Bruce describes as a "huge energy scam." "People should realize that our current energy problem is really a large scam to make money," he said. "Energy companies are making $440 billion a year off us for something we could get for free."

Bruce's informative audio course provides 80 power-packed minutes of insight to open people's eyes about the country's energy crisis. It also comes with 60 free energy patents to encourage people to build their own free energy machine to power their home or car. The book is available online for $24.95 at

Below is a simple experiment people can conduct to prove that free energy is real.  

"The Truth about Renewable Energy" is a product of sheer frustration. About five years ago, Bruce launched Enlighten Media after he became fed up with high gas and energy prices and wanted to do something about it. He spent four years researching, writing and recording the audio course. Enlighten Media is dedicated to bringing important knowledge to the people. "This is a story of David versus Goliath, as one man stands up against the giant energy companies for the benefit of all," Bruce said.

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