CocaCola, DASANI Reward Thousands of Fans for Random Acts of Greenness

To celebrate Earth Month, DASANI Blue Crews headed to Nationals Stadium Thursday night to "catch" D.C. fans green handed doing eco-friendly deeds. The effort coincides with the national launch of DASANI PlantBottle™ packaging – the first-ever fully recyclable plastic beverage bottle produced using plants.

To recognize the little things people do to live more sustainably, Coca-Cola deployed DASANI Blue Crews to Nationals Stadium to stop Nationals fans in their tracks by rewarding them for everyday eco-friendly acts that often go overlooked.

"Whether recycling a beverage bottle, taking the Metro or driving a hybrid car, Coca-Cola and DASANI want to remind people that it's the little things that make a difference," said Curtis L. Etherly, Jr., director of public affairs and communications for Coca-Cola Refreshments.

DASANI Blue Crews have crisscrossed the country all month, making stops in Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago and Cincinnati. Washington, D.C., is the last stop, with crews rewarding fans at Nationals Stadium at Thursday, Friday and Saturday games.

The Nationals Racing Presidents and local volunteers from Earth Conservation Corps., the Coca-Cola Scholars, and members of the Coca-Cola Civic Action Network (CAN) also joined in the fun by rewarding environmental do-gooders with DASANI items made from recycled materials which feature messaging about the importance of living more sustainably.

PlantBottle packaging was developed with the planet in mind. Traditional PET bottles are made from petroleum and other nonrenewable fossil fuels. Incorporating a blend of petroleum-based materials with up to 30 percent plant-based materials allows PlantBottle packaging for DASANI to reduce potential intrinsic carbon dioxide emissions when compared with PET plastic bottles.

"DASANI is designed to make a difference by offering a better designed package for a more sustainable future," said Etherly. "Because DASANI PlantBottle packaging is up to 30 percent made from plants and still 100 percent recyclable, it was designed to help reduce the impact of our carbon footprint on the environment."

Coca-Cola's goal is to make traditional plastic bottles a thing of the past and ensure that every beverage it produces is available in 100 percent plant-based, fully recyclable packaging.

The Coca-Cola Company is a leader in the development of sustainable packaging. It was the first company to introduce a beverage bottle made with recycled plastic. It also has invested in recycling infrastructure to ensure that the Company is doing its part to collect, recycle and re-use its packaging. These efforts are focused on helping to "close the loop" and produce truly sustainable beverage packages.