Texas Energy Co. Launches Emissions-Free Wind Power Product for EV Chargers

Green Mountain Energy partnered with eVgo to power EV charging stations.

Green Mountain Energy Co. has launched Pollution Free EV – a widely available, 100-percent emissions-free Texas wind-powered product designed for drivers of plug-in electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (EV). The company also announced that Green Mountain is the first Texas retail electric provider to formally partner with eVgo, a privately funded, comprehensive EV infrastructure to provide complete EV home charging and fueling solutions to its subscribers.
“We believe that electric vehicles are an excellent choice for drivers who want to make a difference for the environment. And the key to making EVs emissions-free is to charge them with 100 percent renewable energy. Green Mountain created Pollution Free EV to enable our Texas residential customers to power both their EVs and homes with wind, minimize their emissions, and further the development of renewable energy statewide,” said Helen Brauner, senior vice president of marketing at Green Mountain. “By becoming the first electricity provider in Texas to develop a pollution-free electricity product specifically for EV drivers, we are encouraging and facilitating the early adoption of plug-in electric vehicles, while continuing to change the way power is made.”

As an eVgo customer and Green Mountain’s first Pollution Free EV customer, George Cook, a Katy, Texas, homeowner, will become one of the state’s first drivers of an EV that uses the system. eVgo recently installed a smart home charging dock in the Cooks’ garage. Green Mountain will provide the clean energy to power Cook’s home charging station as well as the rest of his house. Additionally, through the network of public fast-charging stations eVgo is installing throughout Houston, Cook will be able to use the stations for a single low monthly cost.

“It is totally cool to be one of the first people in Texas to drive a 100-percent wind-powered electric vehicle and to be able to charge it from home through my eVgo charging station,” said Cook, who has been a Green Mountain customer for more than four years. “Now, not only will my house be powered by wind, but my car will be, too. Plus, I will save money on gas for my commute to work and will continue to support the development of more wind energy in Texas.”