Water Associations Bring Key Issues to Congress

Utility leaders are approaching Congress in more than 400 meetings during the first American Water Works Association and Water Environment Federation fly in.

The two largest water associations in North America combined forces for the first time to push for smart approaches to water infrastructure finance and regulation through more than 400 meetings on Capitol Hill this week.

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the Water Environment Federation (WEF) brought more than 170 delegates from water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities in 49 states and Puerto Rico for the 10th Water Matters! Fly In.

Water professionals will ask Congress for its support on several key issues, including:

  • a new water infrastructure finance mechanism to provide low-cost capital to water utilities needing to invest in infrastructure,
  • state revolving loan fund program reform and capitalization for drinking water and wastewater,
  • state volume cap on private activity bonds,
  • Public Water System Supervision grants, State Clean Water Act program grants, and the Clean Water Act Section 319 (nonpoint source) program,
  • USGS National Water Quality Assessment Program,
  • chemical facility security, and
  • scientific processes for drinking water standards.

“Assuring reliable and safe water resources and infrastructure must be a top national priority,” said AWWA President Joseph Mantua. “Our water and wastewater systems are critical to the protection of public health and safety, our economy, and the quality of life we enjoy.”

“Together, WEF and AWWA represent a strong, united voice for water,” said WEF President Jeanette Brown. “More than ever, our members recognize that the water sector is not easily defined as ‘water’ or ‘wastewater.’ Our conversations this week will remind elected leaders the role that water infrastructure plays in assuring clean water and the economic vitality of our communities.”

Source: AWWA and WEF

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