Evian Crushes Carbon Footprint with Lighter, Easier-to-Recycle Bottle

Danone Waters of America Inc. announces the redesign of its classic 1.5L evian® bottle as part of the company's ongoing effort to reduce its ecological impact.  The new bottle, made of up to 50 percent recycled-PET, remains 100-percent recyclable while using 11 percent less plastic to weigh 3.4 grams less than the previous design (down to 28.6 grams per bottle), reducing its overall carbon footprint by 32 percent. The newly designed bottle represents an important step in evian's environmental policy, which targets a CO2 emissions reduction of 40 percent between 2008 and end of 2011.

evian encourages its consumers to Live young in all aspects of their lives from mastering a yoga pose and catching the latest art exhibit to joining friends for a dinner at a great restaurant.  The new bottle suits the needs of a modern active lifestyle with a new grip which facilitates drinking on the go. And, 15 years after introducing its original compactable bottle, the new design is even easier to crush, taking up less space in recycling bins making it even easier for customers to make the right choice for the environment.

"evian is committed not only to the quality and purity of our water, but also to the reduction of our impact on the environment," said Jerome Goure, vice president of marketing for Danone Waters of America, Inc. "With the launch of our latest bottle which is lighter and more compactable, we hope that our consumers will feel good about purchasing evian, and feel encouraged to recycle."