GreenPower Webinar Gives Insight into Procurement

EPA is partnering with CustomerFirst Renewables in a webinar from 1 to 2 p.m. EST on March 15.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership will host a webinar on "Putting the Customer First: Creating New Renewable Generation."

This webinar will present a green power procurement program that helps match prospective energy buyers with providers of clean, renewable energy. Gary Farha, CEO of CustomerFirst Renewables, will discuss the value proposition that his company brings to providers and customers alike.

CustomerFirst Renewables (CFR) is a Washington, D.C.-based energy company whose mission is to give control of utility-scale renewable power generation directly to large commercial, institutional. and industrial end-users. CFR enables customers to capture the benefits of competitively and predictably priced green electricity without the challenges of owning and operating renewable energy assets themselves.

Participants will learn how renewable projects can be customized for large end-users and how ownership can hedge against future electricity costs. The presentation also will showcase successful cases of end-user-to-project matching.

The speakers will be Blaine Collison of EPA’s Green Power Partnership and Farha. This session is particularly appropriate for larger Green Power Partners from the public, private, and higher education sectors.

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Source: U.S. EPA