Water Reclamation Facility Uses OHxyPhogg to Reduce Odors

According to Parkson, the fog creates a chemical reaction that reduces or eliminates odorous compounds as well as operating costs.

The Casa Grande Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) in Arizona is now using OHxyPhogg to help address odors associated with its headworks operations.

The WRF includes a bio-scrubber for the headworks and the preceding diversion box. The city decided to refurbish the existing bio-scrubber and couple the technology with the Parkson OHxyPhogg in-situ, chemical-free fogging system.

The system was installed at the diversion box, where it treats the odors entering the facility. While this installation has only just begun and more testing will be conducted over the coming months, the city found that the hydrogen sulfide levels were reduced significantly after just one day. The new technology is expected to increase the service life of the bio-scrubber media thus reducing the operating costs.

With more than 200 installations in the United States, the system is a proven technology that is self-contained, requiring minimal electrical power and water to operate. The technology combines ozone, water, and air to create a hydroxyl radical fog that is efficiently dispersed throughout confined spaces, such as lift stations, wet wells, holding tanks, and headworks areas. The fog creates a chemical reaction that reduces or eliminates odorous compounds. The reaction time is faster than that of chlorine, and the reacted chemistry condenses safely back into the water stream.

With 25,000 installations in its 50 years of existence, Parkson Corporation provides advanced solutions in water recycling and treatment and is committed to providing clean water for the world.

Source: Parkson