Aqua-Chem Pilots Removal of Dye from Industrial Wastewater

J&J Industries worked with the company to demonstrate the feasibility of removing chemical additives in large-scale carpet manufacturing so that facilities can reuse the water.

Aqua-Chem, Inc., has developed a solution to removing dye and chemical additives from industrial wastewater used in large-scale carpet manufacturing. The results of a pilot project with J&J Industries, a carpet manufacturer based in Dalton, Ga., conclusively demonstrate that it is both practical and economically feasible to remove dye and other additives from industrial wastewater and to reuse the water in carpet dyeing in an environmentally innovative process, an Aqua-Chem press release states.

“This is the wave of the future in the global water purification market,” said David Gensterblum, company president and CEO. “Clean water is an increasingly valuable commodity everywhere and our ground-breaking process addresses clean water as a critical expense and environmental issue for a wide range of manufacturers. This is a green-themed solution, both environmentally and economically, that works for a wide range of manufacturers.”

The pilot demonstrated that 70 percent of wastewater effluents in dyeing operations can be reused in the manufacturing process. The full-scale system is projected to recover 90 percent of wastewater.

“These are impressive results by any standard,” said Howard Elder, Ph.D., director of Research and Environmental Affairs at J&J Industries. “Decreasing water consumption is a major focus of ours and we are delighted to participate in the development of this technology.”

Treatment of industrial wastewater is a major focus area for Aqua-Chem, which recently acquired Enviro-Solutions, LLC, an industrial water treatment equipment and chemical firm that participated with the pilot project.

Source: Aqua-Chem