New One-stop Shop for Green Homes in Manhattan

New York City brokers have over the last couple of years noticed that luxury home buyers are often looking to buy green and LEED certified apartments and it has been difficult to find these homes.

LEED certified buildings are a trend among the rich and famous; reportedly Tyra Banks, and according to New York Magazine, Leonardo DiCaprio, have both already bought in the Riverhouse at one Rockefeller park.

ROOM Real Estate is the first brokerage in New York to offer a marketplace and a one stop shop for all green buildings in Manhattan, both sales and rentals. The company believes that more and more buyers are looking for this. "We have seen a big trend among the environmentally responsible and the wealthy buying green homes. Recently even buyers who are not environmentally conscious have started to demand LEED certified because they believe that it has a better resale value in the future," said Olof Tenghoff, founder of ROOM Real estate.