Saugus, Mass., Manufacturer to Pay Fine for Notification Violations

Lamb & RItchie Co. will pay a $32,000 fine to settle a complaint that the company failed to file a Toxic Chemical Release Inventory form for lead compounds.

A company in Saugus, Mass., that manufactures metal roofing equipment has agreed to pay a fine of $32,000 to settle U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claims that it failed to file required reports, in violation of the federal Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act.

According to the EPA complaint, Lamb & Ritchie Company failed to file a required Toxic Chemical Release Inventory form for lead compounds that were manufactured, processed, or otherwise used at its Saugus facility in 2007 and 2008.

The Feb. 4 settlement with EPA’s New England office stems from a July 9 inspection of Lamb & Ritchie’s facility. The facility was targeted for inspection based on information from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

The law is meant to ensure that the community can be informed of chemical releases in their neighborhood that may affect public health and the environment. It also ensures that neither the validity of health studies based on the Toxic Release Inventory data nor the effectiveness of emergency response planning by federal, state, and local authorities will be compromised.