Audit Protocols Aim to Help Companies Comply With New Environmental Regulations

"On February 5th, The Pennsylvania Environmental Quality Board issued the most significant regulations for oil and gas wells in 22 years," said Ned Ertel, president and CEO of RegScan. "I am pleased to announce that in response to these updated regulations RegScan Inc., a Williamsport-based company, is releasing a set of enhanced environmental audit protocols. This is the only product that is specifically designed for producers, suppliers, and drillers operating in the Marcellus Shale formation."

"RegScan's development of the CheckPoint® Pennsylvania Audit Protocols is an example of the innovation coming out of small companies in central PA," said State Representative Rick Mirabito D-83 Lycoming County. "As this product matures and grows, RegScan is planning on adding more jobs here in Williamsport. These audit protocols are designed to help the companies working in the Marcellus Shale comply with the new environmental regulations. Properly constructed and operated oil and gas wells are critical to protecting water supplies and public safety. Some examples of the new changes include the specification of blowout preventers, the need for an on-site certified well control individual, and revisions to the reporting requirements for chemicals used to hydraulically fracture a well."

The CheckPoint Pennsylvania Audit Protocols consist of eight checklists with more than 1,000 questions. The questions are designed so that a user can select only the questions that pertain to their operations. Currently, the CheckPoint system is used to audit 40 percent of all U.S. oil refineries for environmental, health, and safety compliance.

"Ten days ago these final rules were issued changing 20 sections of regulations and adding 6 brand new sections, yet we are now shipping a fully updated version," Ertel said. "It is a testament to the work ethic of our staff and the importance we place on getting a tool ready as rapidly as possible for industry to use."